Upcoming HeLTI ECR Seminar

May 15, 2024 at 8:00 EDT (13:0 GMT; 14:00 SAST; 17:30 IST; 20:00 CST) 

"Supporting Perinatal Mental Health & Parenting to Promote Early Childhood Development"

by Anna MacKinnon, PhD, R. Psych, Assistant Research Professor, Clinical Psychologist

An overview of my program of research, which aims to improve early childhood development across three integrative projects: (1) elucidating the interplay of risk and resilience factors at an epidemiological level; (2) using these findings to inform the co-development of innovative programs at the clinical level; and (3) applying equity frameworks to embed implementation of programs at the health systems level. Each level includes a secondary data analysis component (of large existing cohort and population databases) as well as a component for new data collection using cutting-edge approaches (DTI neuroimaging, eHealth clinical trials, partner-engaged co-design).

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