HeLTI Early Career Researcher and Trainee Seminar Series

Presenter Affiliation Date Topic/Title
Kaizhen Su HeLTI China, Postgraduate student 9th November 2022 Maternal physical activity in preconception is associated with perinatal outcomes (flyer)
Mark Wade HeLTI India, Asst Prof at University of Toronto 14th October 14 2022 Impact of early life adversity – and social deprivation in particular – on cognitive and mental health outcomes in childhood and adolescence (flyer)
Alessandra Prioreschi HeLTI South Africa; WT Training Fellowship  15th September 2022 Using rapid biobehavioral feedback to improve mother-infant interactions (flyer)
Jessica Omand HeLTI Canada, postdoctoral fellow at SickKids 9th August 2022 Early childhood health and learning outcomes at school
(including the Early Development Instrument) (flyer)
Hilary Brown HeLTI Canada, Asst Prof at University of Toronto at Scarborough  6th July 2022 Chronic illness and perinatal mental health (flyer)
Yi-ling Ko HeLTI China 9th June 2022 The effect of maternal methyl nutrients on maternal and infant health (flyer)
Leigh Vanderloo HeLTI Canada, Research Fellow at SickKids 3rd May 2022 The creation and presentation of a practical and pragmatic screening tool to identify, select, and evaluate mHealth resources and apps (flyer)
Elena Comelli HeLTI India, Assoc Prof at University of Toronto 6th April 2022 Maternal administration of probiotics since preconception to support offspring health (flyer)